Five Minutes

I got up at 6:30 so I could have me time before the chaos of the morning.

Thunderstorm, coffee, and devotions. I was so ready.

But the thunderstorm meant the dogs were scared to go outside so I had to go with them.
A little redhead rose early because she was worried about a toy that had been temporarily confiscated the previous night as it was inhibiting her ability to listen.
The husband humbly asked for help getting some dry cleaning ready.

6:30 turned into 7:15 pretty quickly.
I think most moms have this experience all too often.
But then everything settled. Not for long. But long enough for me to read a one page devotion, sip some coffee, and pray.

Five minutes.

I know I have been able to rationalize not taking that five minutes.

“It’s five minutes. What can I do in five minutes? Is a five minute appointment with God really going to do anything for me?”


In countless moments, God has changed the world in an instant.

When He spoke it into existence.

When the seas parted.

When Jesus took his last breath.

When the curtain tore.

We as feeble humans often try to place God’s capabilities into the border of our human experience, and in our budget, five minutes is hardly anything.

But for God? The God who is above time because He Himself created time?

That same God will show up for those five minutes.

Ready for you.
Listening to you.
Loving you.

You can try to cheapen time all you want but you can’t cheapen the only One whose existence depends on it for nothing.

He loves you.

He is ready for time with you, however much you’ll give.

Because that time serves a Master and He will command it as He sees fit.

He will maximize it as He sees effective.
He will work it for His good.
And for the good of those who love Him.

For YOU.

Five minutes.

Give Him five minutes, five minutes that bow to Him, that tremble at His voice, that will cease existing the moment He comes again.

And see what HE does with those five minutes.

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