From the Sideline to the Frontline: A Thank You to our Medical Community During the Corona Pandemic

Dearest medical professional community,

I’m surprised you’re even seeing this right now because, frankly, I wouldn’t blame you for completely avoiding social media.

It’s a whole lot of ignorance mixed up with a whole lot of opinion mixed up with a whole lot of frustrating apathy mixed up with a whole lot of unnecessary panic. And most of it comes from people who have no idea. Not like you do.

A very real thing is happening in our world and while most of us are feeling the ripple effects one way or another, you are closer to the point of impact than anyone.

We’ve been ordered to escape from it.

You’ve been ordered to attack it.

We wonder how we are going to care for our kids while we get to work from home.

You wonder who is going to care for your kids while you’re at your required shift.

We hear about people dying from this.

You call the time of death from this.

We are planning visits with healthy friends and family to change up the routine.

You are avoiding visits with healthy friends and family to keep them safe.

So much of the right now is uncertain. But one thing that is undoubtedly certain is that while most of us have been sidelined, you’ve been frontlined.

We are inconvenienced by it.

You are incarcerated by it.

Out of all the people I’ve seen complain about how difficult this has been for them to deal with, not ONE of them has been a medical professional.

I’m proud of you. I’m in awe of you. I’m thankful for you.

And yet, I am not surprised by you.

For months I lived amongst you as my baby girl waited on life support for a heart transplant.

For months you cared for her, but you also cared for me.

For months you were the only face-to-face interaction I had most days.

In those months, you became family.

And on the day she took her last breath in my arms, you were there, many on your day off.

Your dedication, your care, your professionalism, and your grace are not unnoticed, and they also are not a shock. I see you. I still see you. We see you.

There isn’t a lot we can do to help you right now while you’re helping everyone else.

But we can pray for you.

We can check on you. We can cook for you. We can send you funny videos of celebrities falling down. We can call you and talk to you about anything other than this.

What else can we do? We are here.

We are here while you are there.

And we are thankful.